A client calls and says: My space needs a creative solution. Do you know it? If so, stop here for a moment. Ultima Designs is a brand full of inspiration for any space. Shop, museum, theatre, office… Wherever you need that creation, we are ready to help you make it happen.

Beautiful, but safe

We know how important it is to meet customer expectations and maintain safety standards. It often looks like balancing on the edge, but with our experience you will get to the end of this project safely. We can develop an idea that has already occurred to you or come up with our own proposal. Together we can develop a comfortable space to work in or an energetic space to attract visitors.

All constructions are checked before being sent to their final destination. This ensures that all elements are stable and fit together perfectly. We also adapt to the requirements of event organisers and space owners. All this adds up to a safe and beautiful space.

Your idea, our implementation

Do you have an idea of how your space should look like? Share that idea with us and we will combine it with our knowledge and experience. Our designers are open to presenting solutions and sharing comments.

The entire project takes place under one roof, so we have constant oversight of the project and can let you know at any time what is happening or any necessary changes that need to be made. It also gives the client the opportunity to have continuous oversight of their idea.

Many possibilities

LED light boxes, tubular structures with textile graphics, decorations cut out in unusual shapes are just a few of the base proposals on which we can base your project. LED frame with textile graphics behind a counter or in a conference room. A structure made of aluminium tubes, which, thanks to a quick change of graphics, becomes an element of any scenography. PVC cut-out signage will make every customer’s shopping journey easier. And these are just the simplest examples.

Feel free to contact us. Collect the necessary information from your customer and let’s create something unique together!