Museums where you are not allowed to touch anything are becoming a thing of the past. Today’s museums are one big interaction with history, which children and adults enjoy experiencing. In many of them you can find replicas which can be tested, special rooms where you can feel what our ancestors felt, collect elements which in the end help us to understand the whole. Today’s museum is an adventure game that needs to be properly prepared and arranged.

Tubular constructions

Tubular constructions with textile fabric will be a great decorative element. The systems are designed according to the client’s guidelines, which means that they can be adapted to the space. Because they meet safety standards, they can also be suspended elements. Graphics can be changed independently, so the structures will be used repeatedly for different exhibitions.

LED light boxes

In dark rooms it is worth installing LED light boxes, which frames are made of aluminium profiles of different thickness. Graphics printed on fabric are easy to change, which leaves the freedom to change the message. The quality of the LED lighting is extremely important as the panel will be lit all day long. At Ultima Designs we guarantee the life of the LEDs up to 50,000 hours.

Your creations

The two solutions mentioned above are the most popular among those involved in arranging contemporary museums. However, this does not exhaust the possibilities that Ultima Designs offers. Signage is also extremely important in museums, which can be cut from different materials and in different shapes.

As you can see, modern museums are almost works of art that are meant to provide an unforgettable experience. At Ultima Designs we are open to creating them with you.