Set design is not only for theatre and opera, it is also for events such as conferences, seminars or social events. This background for speakers and artists is extremely important from the point of view of the audience. It not only sets the right mood, but also has an informative function.

Comfortable to use

Scenographic elements are changeable and must therefore be able to be changed easily and quickly. Tubular structures with textile graphics will work great here. Walls, suspensions, columns and custom forms will fill and adapt to any space. Easy assembly with numbered elements makes it easy for stage designers and organisers to prepare the stage. Textile graphics can be changed quickly so that the same structure can be used for different occasions.

Fixed scenery

If you need a permanent set, e.g. for a cyclical event, then walls are a great choice, which can be varied with accessories to give them a 3D dimension. A stable construction with appropriate lighting will create the perfect backdrop. If the theme of the cycle changes, you can always quickly change the graphics.


Scenography is not only the backdrop, but the entire stage space – including what is above the performers. Hanging structures will be perfect here. You can use tubular structures, which, by changing the graphics, perfectly crown the whole scenography or custom-made decorative elements cut in various materials.


The systems offered by Ultima Designs by Ultima Displays are reusable, and those with replaceable graphics can be used in a variety of settings. They are durable and convenient to use. In addition, the products are delivered in bags or other packaging that makes the scenery easy to transport and store.