LED frames are conquering the decoration market. We see them more and more often not only in shop windows, but also in offices. The systems in offer are designed and produced to order, which ensures that they fit into the space.

Changeable graphics

The great advantage of LED light boxes offered by Ultima Designs by Ultima Displays is that the graphics can be replaced quickly and independently. The textile print is attached to the system with a silicone. This allows you to change the message when you need to. You do not need to dismantle and send back the panel to order new graphics. You just need to specify its dimensions and send a new design.

It is worth mentioning that the materials used for printing are very flexible. This means that the graphic can be transported and stored folded into a cube. Any creases will straighten out when the material is stretched.

Wall-mounted and floor standing

Choose whether the panel should hang on the wall or stand on the floor. Wall LED frames are produced from two types of profiles – 30 and 75 mm. Thin profile is perfect for places with high traffic. From wider profile we can produce a frame that can be much bigger and even 3 m long.

LED floor standing frames are stabilized by metal feet. If you decide on a double-sided system, it will be made of a 125 mm wide profile. Graphics visible from both sides will be great in the communication route, where the message can be seen from every direction. It is also possible to produce a single-sided floor panel.

Easy assembly

Depending on the construction size, LED light boxes are delivered as a whole or in parts for self-assembly (assembly service is also available). In the case of frames made from 75 and 125 mm profiles, the LED strips are integrated into the profile. For 30 mm profiles, surface-mounted lighting is used. LEDs are mounted on modules, which can be glued directly to the wall or ordered assembled to the PVC panel, which is placed on the wall.

As you can see, custom-made LED light boxes are suitable for any space. Their installation is not complicated and they will effectively highlight graphics. Do you already know which LED frame will be suitable for you?