The office open sapce is a difficult to be arranged so that it is not a floor dotted with cubicles. Recently, more and more employers are treating this difficulty rather as a challenge or an opportunity to create an unusual, inviting space to work.

Greenery has a positive effect on the mind

It’s a well-known fact that our minds work much better when we’re surrounded by plants. The proximity of nature has already inspired many an artist. Office buildings are quite an unfavourable environment for natural vegetation. Not every species will feel comfortable there. Combining real plants with floral graphics can be a good solution.

The tubular systems, on which the printed material is stretched, can have various shapes and configurations. It is possible to order a special design to fit the space. This makes it easy to create inspiring work, meeting and relaxation areas.

Meeting area

Team leader needs to discuss something with the team? A director has come to see what is going on in the department? Or has a client been invited to the office? If the space does not have a dedicated conference room, you can separate and soundproof such a place in the open space by setting up a wall. Tubular walls of various shapes and connection possibilities will also work well here. We recommend to use acoustic material, which will dampen incoming and outgoing sounds.

Separating workstations

Everyone needs peace and quiet to be able to concentrate on their work. The easiest way to separate workstations is to erect partition walls. Depending on what is needed, employees can be separated so that they cannot see each other or lower walls can be used to allow eye contact. Thanks to the fact that the structures are manufactured to order, they can be fitted to existing desks and tables. It is worth adding that each structure has an individual graphic design, created by the orderer, which can be easily changed.

Open space does not have to be full of boxes from the 1990s. It can be an inspiring space with a soul, which complements and reflects the values and mission of the company.