Customer service


At Ultima Displays we care about our partners, which is why we offer service and support at every stage of cooperation. Our dedicated sales supervisors advise and take care of the entire implementation process. Tem from the office cooperate with sales representatives who work in the field. In this way, we provide a comprehensive customer service, which does not come down to contact through the form on the website.


We are open to providing customer training on our basic products and custom designs. Every contractor can also come to our office for a trial assembly to see how to assemble the ordered structure. Assembly of structures at the end customer’s site is also possible! Thanks to this, our contractors do not have to worry about whether their client will manage to assemble the system.


We know how important time is and how much it takes to prepare a proper offer, that is why our partners receive marketing support from us in the form of unbranded materials, catalogs, product photos and instructional videos. Caring about the convenience of our partners we can also send the package directly to the end customer without our data.

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