Our designers are open to cooperation and development of ideas with which our clients come to us. They are eager to find the most convenient solution and work out the right form. If necessary, they will conduct tests to help with implementation to make sure that the delivered design meets all requirements.

business people team meeting in modern office design planning ideas concept


A complete project is prepared at our headquarters, including a graphic template and assembly instructions. This allows our contractors to provide their customers with a complete product and supporting materials. Conducting the entire project under one roof, gives us confidence that the entire process is carried out correctly.


The team will also take into consideration the transport, storage and frequency of assembly and disassembly of the structure, which in practice will be reflected into the project. It is extremely important to include this information in the initial brief. Whole idea will be thought out in such a way that, without losing its effect, it will be a practical and convenient solution at the same time.

Male worker hand using tape measure for measuring dimension of product in cardboard box. Shopping lifestyle in warehouse concept