How to prepare the graphic

Correct preparation of graphics for printing ensures fast delivery, so please read the guidelines carefully and follow the instructions.

Find a template

The template helps to prepare graphics fitted to a particular system.
Templates for custom-made systems created together with the design of the structure.
Templates for systems from the Stadard offer can be found on our main website
You can find it on the product page (at the bottom of the description).
If you cannot find a template, please contact your sales representative.

10 steps to correctly prepare files for printing

    • The file must be prepared in CMYK palette.
    • Get a deep black: C40 M40 Y40 K100.
    • If you want a specific colour, give us the Pantone number and we’ll break it down into its CMYK components.
    • Convert Pantone colours to CMYK.
    • Check that the file does not contain images or RGB colours. If the file contains RGB images or colours, they will be automatically converted to the CMYK palette (as a result the colours may be different).

    • Remove template before flattening graphics.
    • Change all fonts to curves.
    • When scaling the size to 25%, remember to use a resolution of 300 dpi (for 100% scale, keep the resolution at 150 dpi).
    • Save the file in EPS, PDF or TIFF format with LZW compression. Uploaded files should have the necessary elements for graphic preparation attached (fonts and associated images).
    • Deliver the files by FTP, transfer or on a USB stick.