Zaprojektowane z myślą o Twojej imprezie
RETAIL & HoReCa Zainspirowane twoimi gośćmi Dostosowane do Twoich wnętrz WNĘTRZA & MATERIAŁY AKUSTYCZNE

We are a provider of advertising and exhibition systems that works only with companies associated with advertising and printing. Together with our contractors we want to go to the next level, that’s why we created Ultima Designs brand, to be able to open together to Retail, HoReCa, interior design, festivals or events industries

We have been providing systems for events and trade shows for over 20 years.
Our experience results in custom solutions that combine aluminum with textile graphics to create stunning forms.
Our goal is to create a design that brings your vision to life.


We know how important it is to create spaces that tell a story, guide customers and encourage them to spend time interacting with the brand.
That’s why we create structures that build brand awareness and help solidify it in customers’ minds.


We create structures for interiors focused on design, values and culture of a given place.
Caring about the comfort of users, we also create decorations made of acoustic materials, which protect against noise and create spaces suitable for work.


Our experienced designers create concepts, visualizations and advise on how to use the space in the most efficient way.

The design and production processes takes place in under one roof. This ensures that the manufacturing process is kept under control and the highest possible quality is maintained.

We offer printing and finishing not only for the structures we produce, but also for custom fabrications according to customer guidelines. We make sure that the graphics are perfectly matched to the systems.

We provide our partners with all necessary tools to improve their operations – unbranded catalogues, online materials or stand design software.