We specialize in the production of aluminum structures, which together with the fabric create architectural shapes. In Ultima Displays we constantly improve our production capabilities. We take care of the highest quality of materials and profiles, which reflect to the final realization.

Futuristic Interior Design. White Room with Window. Minimalistic Abstract Architecture Background. 3d Illustration
Close up image of metal steel tubes


We produce constructions from aluminum profiles of different widths, which are also adapted to lead the LED lighting in them, and from tubes with a diameter of 30 and 50 mm. All elements can be bent and cut to the appropriate size. Thanks to our machine park we can also produce decorations, dedicated laminated table tops and fronts.


All elements are aesthetically finished and numbered, which makes their assembly easier. All the structures – the smallest and the largest – are assembled and checked each time before they are sent to the customer. This ensures that the final product is of the best quality.

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