Products – Decoration & Acoustics

Acoustic Backwalls provide the necessary space at trade fairs, separated from crowds and noise. The extensive customisation options allow you to create a perfectly tailored product.

The structures will add character to any interior. Columns can be both signposts and carriers of advertising and information.

Made from scratch to meet your individual needs, LED light boxes help you make a powerful impression. With their help, unique illuminated compositions can be created.

Unusual shapes and individually tailored graphics of the suspensions will add variety to any place where they are placed.

Backwalls are a way to create a one-of-a-kind composition. The large number of accessories and additions available allows you to personalise a wall to suit individual requirements.

A range of products which will help to convey the most important information in an attractive and unusual
way to convey the most important information.

Individually made decorations that will transform any space. Modify the shape of the decorations and their graphics to create a unique atmosphere.

Products that provide support and protection in everyday life. They will help you to take care of yourself and others.

Appropriate signage makes it easier to move around buildings, offices or trade fairs.