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Working with aluminium

We know how important it is to deliver structures of impeccable quality, so when creating structures from aluminium we pay attention to the smallest details. Shaping materials and fitting together the various elements are extremely important stages of production.

Our machines allow us to work with aluminum Vector profiles and Formate tubes, which are used to create various structures from simple walls through exhibition stands to eye-catching forms. Carefully selected materials are cut to size so that they are convenient for transport and installation. Thanks to bending machines, we form aluminium into shapes which give structures their roundness and softness. Each element is carefully smoothed to avoid sharp edges, and marked to facilitate the assembly of structures.


Each design is delivered with graphics printed, finished and checked on site. This is the element we pay special attention to, because ultimately the print is in the foreground.

Sublimation printing is our specialty because it is the fabric that lays best on complicated constructions. The fabric, thanks to its stretchability, can be transported and stored folded into cubes without worrying about creasing. Placing the graphics is extremely easy and convenient. Latex printing is a safe and ecological solution used on PVC materials. Its huge advantage is odorless, which allows it to be used in places intended for children and medical points.


Aluminum structures, regardless of whether they are created with Vector profiles or Formulate tubes can be illuminated with LED lighting, which will give a unique look and emphasize graphics.

LEDs have a life span of up to 50,000 hours and are extremely ergonomic. In addition, special bulbs for suspension lighting are also available. In most designs transformers are hidden inside, which further protects them from damage. LED panels can be suspended or standing and their longer side can be 3 meters long!

Cutting, milling and engraving

Non-standard orders are our standard, therefore our offer also includes the possibility of cutting out various shapes from materials such as textiles, paper, plastic, composites or wood-based materials. Additionally, it is possible to mill and engrave shapes which will give the whole a unique look. The maximum dimension of the sheet is 3200 x 3200 mm.

We are aware of how accurate the production of such elements must be, therefore, each time we consult the choice of material with our designers.

Acoustic inserts

While creating structures for office spaces we understood how important it is to separate workstations and meeting spaces so that employees do not disturb each other. Therefore we have introduced acoustic materials, which absorb sound and quieten the interior.

The inserts are placed in the middle of the construction, e.g. a wall delimiting a waiting room, and are covered with textile graphics. The installation of the inserts is fast and comfortable thanks to a zipper. Available acoustic materials have an acoustic absorption class of 0.85/B and 0.90/A.

More acoustic solutions will soon be available in our offer!

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